What is Mediation?

Mediation is the process whereby a neutral third-party professional facilitates the discussion between disputing parties to arrive at a solution to a legal problem.

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Why Mediate?

Mediators are not attorneys. We do not represent one party at the cost (financial, emotional or even mental wellbeing) of the other. We assist both parties in working together to reach a solution.

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which aims to settle disputes between parties without heading to the court (litigation). Parties in dispute often incur substantial legal costs when litigating and this process can last years. With Mediation, parties incur a fraction of the cost by having a qualified, neutral third party facilitate their discussion and ultimately have their disputes resolved in a fraction of the time.

United Outcome Mediations specialises in Family Law mediation and can assist you in speeding up your Divorce, constructing a Parenting Plan, assisting with Maintenance and Arrears Maintenance calculations, drawing up Cohabitation Agreements and finalising Section 22 Applications.

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Services Offered

Below is a basic list of the services offered by Untied Outcome. For a more detailed view, visit out Services page.

Divorce Settlement Agreement

Divorces Settlement Agreements include the conditions under which parties are ending their legal marriage. This typically specifies how assets will be divided, how contact with minor children will work and what maintenance will be paid between the parties.

Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans, once made an Order of Court, stipulate the manner in which the Parental Rights and Responsibilities of Care, Contact and Maintenance of minor children will be shared between the disputing parents.

Maintenance Orders & Calculations

We assist with drafting Maintenance Agreements between parties and are able to provide assistance with calculating maintenance, as well as arrears maintenance calculations.

Section 22 Applications

Typically for grandparents wanting to take on a more formal role when raising minor children, Section 22 Applications are for parties wishing to take on Parental Rights and Responsibilities related to Care, Contact and Maintenance.

Domestic Violence Interdicts

We assist in the drafting of the Domestic Violence Interdicts as well as provide guidance on the filing thereof with the court and ensure with relevant police that the case is being followed up should the Respondent breach the order.